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What sustainable features would benefit Marshall University?
A Political and Philosophical shift toward Sustainable Practices
Updated: Mar 22, 2013 Daniel H18 Idea HEARD
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So it's not just enough to build great things on campus, we also have to learn about and teach sustainability and responsible practices in general when dealing with our own habitat. There are many who probably disagree, but we should stop accepting donations from organizations known to support unsustainable legislation and practices, such as the Friends of Coal.

Also, the Geology department has become a disappointment to me, because they unwaveringly support hydraulic fracturing, an extraction practice known to be linked with ground water contamination and significant amounts of methane leakage into the atmosphere. The Advertising department also sadly supports the same sort of industry when they do their seasonal natural gas carnival exhibition.

For Marshall to actually be "Green", we need to keep our dealings with those who are likewise "Green". Otherwise, we're just doing it for money, not really because it matters, and what sort of message does that send people?

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