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From your long-term view of Marshall, what is currently missing in programs, facilities, campuses or surrounding areas?
Expanding Marshall's Footprint in Southern WV
Updated: Jan 25, 2013 Justin H5 Idea HEARD
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Marshall's Center of Economic and Business Research (CBER) has the potential to help economically disadvantage communities by providing economic analysis and suggested action plans, which in turn could provide legislation and tools to help communities prosper.

Case studies on communities like Welch, Williamson, Bluefield and Hinton would provide students with hands-on experience. Also, it would help solidify Marshall's link to southern WV.

Engaging with State Colleges to provide E-learning delivery of Marshall's Master and Graduate programs would boost enrollment and utilize the new broadband infrastructure that has been installed in Bluefield, Beckley and Princeton-Athens areas. The WV turnpike (cost and hazardous road conditions) is a potential barrier for commuting students from the southern part of the state, and has resulted in some potential graduate students to go to Virginia Tech.

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