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What is the most successful learning environment on the Marshall campus? Why?
Preparing Students for Global Competitiveness
Updated: Feb 07, 2013 Justin H5 Idea HEARD
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In every field, there should be an emphasis on the student being aware of current events, and how it translates to impacting their profession. Creating an awareness and affording students opportunities to study abroad is the best way to prepare them for the complex challenges ahead.

Marshall should seek to connect and partner with international universities to expand the student's experience, and structure it in a way that technology is used to conference in guest lecturers from different continents. Emphasis on foreign language proficiency should be a requirement for business graduates - use of various language programs (Rosetta Stone) should be administered - not just limited to a traditional class setting, but use language professors to proctor exams, and refine written and conversational mastery of such languages.

Such an infusion into various programs of study at Marshall would prove to be a differentiation that stands out from other universities, and provide graduates with a global finesse sought by potential corporate employers.


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