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What challenges and opportunities (both internal and external) do you think will most affect the Marshall University campuses in the next five to ten years?
Utilizing off campus locations more effectively.
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The Marshall University off campus locations are a unique buffer between high school or adult life and college life for incoming students of all ages. For example, the MOVC campus in Point Pleasant offers a friendly, clean and pleasant environment for traditional and non-traditional students. Often these students may not have even considered college as an option for their future without this local convenience. Additionally, oftentimes people have been known to travel a considerable distance to attend class at MOVC solely based on the aforementioned environment. The range of classes and degrees offered through the MOVC campus are limited. The expansion of these classes and programs would increase student count and expand the university’s reach. The faculty and staff at MOVC are kind, willing, helpful, efficient and well respected in the community. The only things needed for such an expansion is an increase in classes and programs along with advertisement. One may ask why we should consider expanding MOVC’s programs as classes. The answer is fairly simple. Not only should we always strive to add to the Marshall family, we should make every effort to keep the students that have already made a commitment to higher education. Sometimes the transition to college is uncomfortable and challenging, especially for non-traditional students. MOVC offers a wonderful buffer zone for these students to become acclimated to college life without experiencing too much “college life”. Why should we lose students that have made a commitment to Marshall? Students are often lost due to a lack of available classes. One cannot simply assume these students will pursue their degree at the Huntington campus without looking at the types of students faced with such a decision. Students have been known to drop out or transfer when forced to move on to the Huntington campus for a variety of reasons. These students are parents, dislocated workers, people undergoing physical rehabilitation requiring


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