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What challenges and opportunities (both internal and external) do you think will most affect the Marshall University campuses in the next five to ten years?
Catering to the Baby Boomers
Updated: Jan 25, 2013 Justin H5 Idea HEARD
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Programs focused a non-traditional student of this segment of population could enhance Marshall's position and create a positive awareness of the University.

This is a rather affluent population with varied interests that could be channeled towards programs that cater to their interests.

Fine Arts programs: Could receive a shot in the arm from this population segment. Life changes could translate into pursuits opposite of their current professional lifestyles.

Health Education: Awareness and quality of life enhancing programs could be geared toward the baby boomer utilizing University students and resources - creating educational and hands-on opportunities for students.

Offer Ph.D programs to retired professionals with their Masters who may pursue a career in teaching. This could assist in faculty shortages and provide experienced adjuncts.

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