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Are there places on or off campus that feel unsafe to you? Why?
Safety crossing US 60
Updated: Feb 04, 2013 Carl M4 Idea HEARD
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When I drive near campus, I frequently see students and faculty crossing US 60, both on 3rd avenue and 5th avenue. At night, in particular, many students cross 5th avenue after dark, when they are difficult to see. Although it will take coordination with transportation officials at several levels, along with a public education campaign, it would be a significant improvement to the safety and the "feel" of campus to control these pedestrian crossings so that pedestrians have convenient safe crossings while being discouraged (by public education, pedestrian control devices, fences, or other means) from using unsafe crossings. As one example of an inconvenience, it can take as long as two minutes for the walk signal at 3rd Ave & 17th street to illuminate after the walk button is pressed - which discourages pedestrians from waiting for the walk light. Similarly, the lack of pedestrian control along 3rd avenue encourages faculty and students to cross the street beside Smith Hall rather than walking to the light at Hal Greer.

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