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University Plaza??
Oct 24, 2013 BRANDON L4

In December 2011, it was announced that Dr. Touma was planning on constructing a shopping center to be named "University Plaza" at the corner of 3rd Ave. and Hal Greer Blvd. across from Black Sheep Burritos. Other than the sign just sitting on the property now for nearly two years, nothing has ever come to fruition. Has the University been in contact with Dr. Touma to see if his plans are still in place and what the status of this project is? This would certainly be a hot spot to develop given that it is practically located on campus. There are plans for constructing a "mixed use" building in the master plan in that area of campus. Could the "University Plaza" concept possibly be merged with or expanded to include the mixed use building concept? Retail and apartments on that corner of campus would be great! Plus, the area where University Plaza has been proposed certainly would benefit from some beautification; it's another run-down looking part of the campus area..

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