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What physical features of the Marshall University campuses should be focused on as part of the long-range planning process?
Student Center for the Future
Updated: Jan 22, 2013 Jonathan S15 Idea HEARD
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The current student center sees a wealth of activity, but is becoming limited in space, as well as a very dated look. Keeping the Student Center as the hub of campus seems key, but options seem limited.

There are also changes in the way students live and interact, which may be difficult to incorporate into today's building.

Prime would be to tie a new student center into the Marshall Rec Center, near dormitories and across from the stadium. This option is limited by the new practice football field, and needed relocation of the Maintenance Department.

The Stationers/Stadium Bookstore location could be an option, and would tie in with the Rec Center across 5th Avenue, however still almost seems like an "off campus" location until further university expansion is made in that direction.

A long-term option in my opinion would be the destruction of Hodges Hall, East Hall, Pritchard Hall & Buskirk Hall. This area could then be utilized for a new Student Center. It is still a focus between a large amount of student housing, and still in the center of campus and Buskirk Field.

It would also be near the Memorial Fountain, and the former student center could become the place for Student Services, such as the Registrar's office, Financial Aid, Bursar's office, Student ID, Admissions, etc.

Another option could be the forced relocation of the Campus Christian Center and purchase of that property to expand the Student Center Eastward. However this has the potential to lead to a choppy feeling building, and may not be enough space to incorporate the needs leading up to 2050.


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