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What physical features of the Marshall University campuses should be focused on as part of the long-range planning process?
Seperate Teays Valley Campus Building Needed
Updated: Mar 08, 2013 steve M20 Idea HEARD
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Marshall's Outreach Program at Teays Valley desperately needs its own building and facilities. Although students and faculty greatly appreciate the use of Hurricane High School's campus for conducting Outreach classes, Marshall University world be making a wise investment in constructing their own new and seperate building for this purpose. As an adjunct instructor for the Outreach program I, as well as all others teaching Marshall classes at Hurricane High School, are limited to 'blackboard era' technology - that is, we have a physical blackboard in classrooms and nothing more! I carry a laptop and borrow a projector in order to show my students simple Powerpoint presentations. We have no internet access at HHS - that is, instructors are not alowed to connect to the HHS broadband - and thus our version of '21st Century teaching technology' amounts to chalkboard and still slides. Again, we appreciate the opportunity HHS allows us in using their school, but the time has come for Marshall to build its own building at Teays Valley so that Marshall students there can have a modern version of classroom experience.

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