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What features on campus need to be enhanced or changed? Why? What features would you add?
5th Avenue Crosswalks
Updated: Feb 22, 2013 Jonathan S15 Idea HEARD
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While there are a few crosswalks on 3rd Avenue over to campus that are not at an intersection, the University is lacking any on 5th Avenue.

While this is a responsibility of the City of Huntington, I'm sure a request could be made for the added benefit of safety.

What appears to be a large need is for a walkway from the parking lot to the street at the pay lot that is in front of the new 6th Avenue Parking Garage. This is a direct path for students to take from that area to the MSC, and the grass details this by the mud that is present.

This is a small expense for Marshall, and a big win for accessibility around campus.

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