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How can a sense of community be enhanced both on and off campus?
How CAN community be built and enhanced?
Updated: Mar 22, 2013 Daniel H18 Idea HEARD
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Something on an all-encompassing large-scale would have to be independent of fraternities and sororities, as well as the SGA, yet still inclusive of the individuals involved in those. Cash and popularity, as well as social status, do not need to factor into our over-all community, while the human factor of every individual certainly needs to be respected.

A learning environment that doesn't punish mistakes, but identifies and corrects them kindly and understandingly would certainly help. Drop the letter grades and probationary status for an approach that offers more patience and assistance toward students. We're the one's paying for most everything anyway, so why foster a sense of competition when there really doesn't need to be one?

Have more free events offering free food. Stop charging ridiculous late fees in the library, but at the same time, notify people much more rigorously that they have books or things overdue. Don't ban smoking, because folks meet each other that way.

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